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Have a little slice of my heart.. For as long as I can remember, telling stories has been apart of my heart, no matter what medium. My soul endlessly craves joy, laughter, love, adventure and coffee.  I simply feel like we as humans are truly SO HARD on ourselves and honestly, we are the most beautiful creatures. I've made it my mission to not just capture love stories, but to romanticize the heck out them by creating a space where you feel absolutely incredible. I will smother you with support and celebrate you to the ends of the earth because we all just need a hype girl every now and again... and I promise, I got your back. 

Photography has always been something I have felt called to, and for many years I didn't let myself follow that calling. COVID really had a way of shaking things up, eh? 

I picked up a camera again and started capturing images of backpacking trips with my kids ( Ellie, 11 & Ben, 7), landscapes of our trips and really just.. anyone who would volunteer to let me explore. My daughter really was my top model in that time, all credit to her. 

Now fast forward I have been a full time photographer for two wild years and I am just so grateful to be apart of preserving memories. My heart feels such a specific calling to intentional moments of connection and combining those moments with beautiful landscapes and stories. 

I am also... the ultimate hype girl, self proclaimed.

if you're not currently following your dreams. Do it. Not matter how scary it is!  

My Free Time? oof. I am a 30 year old mom of two so basically I spend half my time talking about the social landscape of 5th grade and the other half talking about fortnite.. and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am 100% that weird star girl that talks astrology like it's a language, I love human design, psychology, and all things to help us learn and love ourselves. I Welcome all deep conversations about life and the universe. 

So, let's laugh until we cry, or cry until we laugh and make the world a betta place than it was yesterday 

hi, here is your reminder...

xo, kels

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I absolutely love the PNW

Caffeine fuels my body

Yoga is my happy place

Pisces Sun, Libra Moon & Virgo Rising

I am obsessed with the moon, stars, and sunsets

Always Dancing, I can't help it

I love podcasts about deep space, black holes, Ancient civilizations and psychology.. no murder mystery here.

Schitts Creek is life - I am alexis Rose, tysm

Pineapple absolutely belongs on pizza

I lovingly refer to my children as wild tings

I love Love

I love humans