Welcome to the jungle, my friends...

Hello lovely, I'm Kelsey!

Have a little slice of my heart.. Telling stories with photography is what I was born to do. My soul endlessly craves joy, laughter, love, and those unspeakable moments that happen between two people. Hiring me as your photographer looks a lot like finding a new friend, I yearn to know you and connect with you so I can be apart of telling your incredibly unique story in the most authentic way to you.  

My love for photography started with falling in love with the mountains as a child. I was always out backpacking and skiing with my dad, taking pictures with my flip phone of anything I could find. It's pretty obvious that I have a lust for nature. I have sat and stared at some of western Washington's and northern Idaho's most breathtaking views and dreamed of creating special moments in those scenes. And now, I am apart of telling those love stories that don't need words at all. I work endlessly to deliver images that transport you back to those exact moments, because you deserve it all. I’m looking to capture the sparks that light in your eyes when they connect with someone you love. Because that’s what you really want to remember, am I right?

I spent so many years telling myself that photography was out of my reach as a career, and like so many others I found myself a little lost during the pandemic. so, I found myself picking up and camera and starting to explore and take photos of my two little humans.. and now.. here we are!

if you're not currently following your dreams. Do it. Not matter how scary it is!  

If you’re looking for someone to just show up and take a few photos, I’m probably not the photographer for you (and that’s totally okay!) I want to be your hype girl, your biggest fan, and your person.. so let’s eat some great food, grab a beer and run away into the sunset together. 

hi, here is your reminder...

so let’s eat some great food, grab a beer and run away into the sunset together. 

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I absolutely love the PNW

Caffeine fuels my body

Fluent in sass & sarcasm

I am obsessed with the moon

Pisces, enneagram 7, Gryffindor house

Big fan of impromptu dance parties, always

I am most at home when I'm in the forest

Pineapple absolutely belongs on pizza

I love adventures of any kind

All things Harry Potter, The Office & Schitt's Creek