Wedding, Elopement & Lifestyle photographer

Spokane, Wa based 

I’m Kelsey. hopeless romantic. Mother of two. student to life. I probably use way too many emojis and exclamation points. I swear a lil bit and talk with my hands a lotta bit. you can catch me dancing in the middle of the floor with my camera or in my editing cave. I crave deep heartfelt moments, the trips to the dark side and moments of connection that drip emotion and vulnerability... odds are, even though I don’t know you yet, I probably love you already. So let's freaking do this.

xo, kels

have a lil piece of my heart

My love for photography originated in landscape photography and I absolutely love incorporating that into my work. My goal is always to help create moments of emotion, the spark, for my clients, and less posing. Taking  a story telling approach to your wedding or elopement fit to melt any heart. preserving raw moments so you can look back at how breathtaking your own personal journey is. I am chatty, and silly and my personal commitment is to always be your hype girl and bring the good vibes.

For a very large portion of my life, I felt like I needed to conceal who I really was to maintain a “perfect” image.

All love is celebrated here. I am committed to maintaining a platform that is inclusive and diverse. Love has never been exclusive and LGBTQ+ and BIPOC love stories are told and celebrated here, always.

I consider myself a rehabilitating perfectionist and now, I am on a never ending mission to celebrate what makes me "imperfectly me".. I find that my journey with celebrating the imperfect parts of us ties beautifully into photography. I love getting results that are creatively flawed with the beauty of imperfection. 

Come as you are. There are no expectations. My favorite kind of person is someone who is willing to be awkward, laugh at themselves through the discomfort. Let your hair down and get a little weird with me.